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Improve Your Home’s Ventilation

Sure, everyone’s attic has ventilation.  But is it done right? Our attic experts know how to ventilate correctly.  So the air you want stays in your house and the air and moisture you don’t, goes out. In addition to improving your attic’s ventilation for energy efficiency, we will also verify that your attic meets the requirements of your local building codes for proper attic ventilation.

Proper Ventilation

Correct ventilation isn’t just poking holes in your attic. There’s a science to getting the best airflow. Some people may confuse the idea of a well-sealed house and a well-ventilated attic. Properly sealing leaks around windows, doors, etc., is very important to saving energy. But your attic actually needs proper ventilation in order to circulate unwanted hot air and moisture from your attic.  We will evaluate your attic’s unique configuration and recommend solutions such as solar attic fans, ridge vents and soffit vents. Attic Ventilation is the third key component to creating an Efficient Attic from EAS.

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